DHT and other key hair loss factors

DHT and other key hair loss factors

The importance given to hair is a socio-cultural fact of high importance in every society. Hair loss and thinning hair can be painful both for women and men which has a direct effect on our sense of wellbeing and youth. For women it is also synonymous with femininity.

There are many factors that lead to hair loss. They can be divided into two main categories internal factors and external factors.

External factors are pollution, sun exposure, substandard hair products, bleaching, dyeing or the use of extensions.

Internal factors are smoking, hormonal (DHT) effects, stress, ailment of the scalp, dandruff, excess sebum, hereditary and lack of nutrients and essential vitamins.

For maintain thick healthy hair and fighting hair loss due to both the external and internal factors there are many natural solutions.

Neem extract  - natural anti-bacterial, anti-dandruff  which are one of the main causes of hair loss

Sabal Extract - DHT blocker helps prolong the hair growth cycle and avoids hair loss

Maca root extract – Energises the Hair follicle, stops hair loss

Nettle extract  - increase micro circulation

Panax Ginseng root extract – Energises the Hair follicles, strengthens and helps thinning hair

Swertianin Extract deals with the root causes of thinning hair

Green tea extract by strengthening the follicles hair grows thicker and fuller dealing with thinning hair

Biotin energies the hair follicle form within

Horsetail extract regulates the secretion of excess sebum which stops hair loss naturally 

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice natural moisturiser for the scalp

Ultimately its about taking care of your hair and scalp and trying to avoid things that can directly effect your hairs ability to stay healthy.

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  1. avatar Maria Vincent says:

    Hello there,

    Thanks for suggesting so many natural ways to fight back against hair loss. I hope one of those tips will work for my scalp and it can regenerate my hair growth so my thin hair looks fuller again. Thanks for the nice and brief article.

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