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        RESEED Ginkgo and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo for Women 250 ml

        A deeply nourishing formula to promote strong healthy hair growth.

        • Stimulates the scalp and revitalises follicles
        • Enriched with antioxidant vitamins B5, B6, E, F and Zinc
        • Prevents further hair loss whilst adding volume, density and shine
        • Lasts upto twice as long as other shampoos
        • Plant based formula
        • Side effect free

        RESEED Wheat Bran Ultra Volume Conditioner for Women 250 ml

        Advanced ultra-volume formula for women, which adds density to thin lifeless hair.

        • Detangles and protects dry damaged hair
        • Enriched with amino acids to repair breakages
        • Contains UV filters to protect against harmful UV rays
        • Improves gloss and shine
        • Unique elasticity properties
        • Plant based formula

        RESEED R12 Tri Peptide Active Hair Serum for Women 30 ml

        Advanced women's hair loss serum with 12 unique patented reparative protein and nutrient-rich elements.

        • Enriched with natural DHT blockers
        • Proven to increase the speed at which hair grows
        • Strengthens and supports weak and dormant follicles
        • Increases circulation and blood flow to the scalp
        • Unique 98% natural formula
        • Side effect free

        RESEED R8 Botanical Solution for Women 50 ml

        Advanced hair and scalp formula for women, with 8 essential botanical extracts

        • 100% natural formula
        • Anti-dandruff, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties
        • Helps maintain healthy pH level of the scalp
        • Enriched with natural DHT blockers to encourage hair growth
        • Hair feels healthier, stronger and fuller
        • Side effect free

        Reseed R21 Unisex Hair Supplements

        Reseed Advanced Hair and Nail Supplement  have an effective, scientifically advanced formula with 21 natural and botanical ingredients, essential for healthy Hair, Skin and Nails. As part of the Reseed® holistic approach, R21 micro-nutrients supplements promote and maintain a healthy scalp and encourage natural hair growth. The natural key ingredients, help to...