Get stronger, fuller and healthier hair with the Reseed Natural Hair Loss and Scalp Care range. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients and herbal extracts that work together to stimulate and strengthen the hair follicles, prevent further hair loss and restore the condition of the hair.

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The complete Reseed Hair and Scalp Care range is now available in Ireland, within a growing number of independent health stores, but available to all health stores and pharmacies to order for you.

To celebrate the launch in Ireland we are exclusively offering Reseed customers over 50% off retail price.

When you buy the Reseed Fortifying Shampoo for Men or Women, you will get the RESEED Wheat Bran Ultra Volume Conditioner 250 ml, RRP €18.99 absolutely FREE.

Wheat Bran Ultra Volume Conditioner For Men with Hydrolysed Silk has an advanced formula that provides provide volume to thin and lifeless hair, and protection from thermal and UV damage. It is enriched with herbal proteins and Hydrolysed Silk to strengthen roots and improve the hair’s moisture balance and resilience.

It contains high performance natural actives to impart long term benefits and reduce damage that can be caused by daily environmental stress. With an effective detangling and repairing action, this conditioner delivers optimum hydration, smoothness and shine.

Wheat Bran Ultra Volume Conditioner For Women with Pomegranate has an advanced ultra volumising formula which densifies thin, damaged or dry hair. It is enriched with herbal proteins to strengthen roots, combined with UV filters and colour protecting Pomegranate extract to maintain colour vibrancy.

Whilst protecting from thermal and UV damage, this conditioner contains high performance natural actives to help preserve treated hair colour and impart long term benefits by reducing damage that can be caused by daily environmental stress.

Enriched with deeply hydrating and nourishing to prevent hair breakage, the conditioner will leave hair feeling strong and healthy, whilst delivering a light-reflecting shine.


At Reseed® we understand the impact that hair loss can have on selfconfidence, pride in appearance and general sense of well-being.
Based on a holistic approach, the Reseed® range of gender specific products aims to reverse the process of thinning hair and the effects of hair loss; strengthen weak anddormant hair follicles; restore the hair’s normal functions; encourage natural, healthy hair growth and prevent further hair loss.


Reseed® is committed to using the finest, naturally active ingredients, never comprising on the quality.The active ingredients, botanical extracts, pro-vitamins and minerals work in synergy to stimulate and strengthen the follicles as well as repair, nourish and condition the hair, and care for the scalp. These powerfully, efficacious, natural ingredients are sourced and selected by a dedicated team of specialists, to ensure their multiple effective properties.


As well as significantly changing the rate of hair growth and reversing the effects of hair loss, the Reseed® products also provide anti-fungal, anti-dandruff and anti-grease properties, which all aid in the appearance and feel of healthier and stronger hair.


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The Reseed full range is available to order through any and all health stores and pharmacies across The Republic of Ireland. Some of the current stockists (around 50 and growing) include the following: Reseed Irish Retail Partners

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